Reference Projects
Featured examples of past work.
Experience Studio for Connected Living
In order to continue to offer customers, partners and trainers a product-related user experience, Samsung has come up with something: From now on, interested parties can virtually experience various application scenarios with current product highlights of the company on a virtual tour of the Experience Studio for Connected Living - and all that comfortably from domestic sofa.
Glass House Farms Experience
The experience takes you inside one of Glass House Farms' greenhouses, gives a closer look at three of their most beloved strains and ends with an immersive audiovisual environment.
Web-based CAD File Viewer
This CAD file viewer can load, display and analyze (volume + surface areas) CAD files in the common file formats STEP, IGES, OBJ and STL. Support for CAD file formats was achieved by using the OpenCascade CAD kernel, which was ported from C++ to JavaScript using Emscripten.